Friday, February 29, 2008

Weird Dreams

hi all
all of us experience dreams, black and white, ghostly, romantic, ones. As we wake up from the dreams,we are left with the emotions though we cant remember the exact dream though. If I have any romantic dream, when i wake up, I will feel so happy and butterflies in my stomach, ,though I wont remember the exact dream. This is the time I would like to go back to sleep to continue that dream, though my father is planning to pour ice water on me

There are so many books written about dreams. How to interpret them. What sense do the dreams make. Is it even remotely related to the subconcious? I am not going to discuss about these topic. I am just going to share with you all few weird dreams i had and what i did about them.

Well to start with, there are some dreams which repeats itself. One dream about a construction site keeps finding its way back to me. I have had that dream for almost 4 times now. The exact dream with exact sequence of events. weird rite? I am not bothered if it is trying to tell me something or not. If i do that, it is just creepy.

and then this time i had a continuation of a dream i had few months back. Let me elaborate on this. in the first episode i dreamt i had gone to my college NSS camp (i was Secaratory in my final yr) for 10 days camp. I am coming back to college which is in my school grounds. My English teacher says i missed so much on composition note and she will fail me. I am trying to make excuses and telling her that i will complete all of them before next english class and submit to her. In my mind, my dream part's mind, that i will copy it from somebody. This first episode ends here . thodarum(tamil). Whenever i wake up from my sleep, i try to remember my dreams and try to interpret them, though one research says this method of remebering dreams causes tension in a person internally. I defenitely would like to find out how.

So anyways, after a few months, i get another dream. I am preparing for my exams, which almost all of us dream about. Next exam is tamil, and iam learning geography. So i go to college all prepared. Now you might ask me who teaches geography in engineering college. Well folks its dreamland.. So i go to college, there my friend says, we dont ve exams today, it is postponed. So happily i go to class, and now i realise that it s english class first hour in the afternoon, and i have not completed my composition book as i promised her. how weird, this is episode two of my dream, continued feww months later. So i try to ask the brilliant student of my college class. He gives me his note, but then i dont ve mine, because I dint bring mine to the class.So I take my avanti autogear( the vehicle i had in school). and go to my house and bring it back. To be continued... I wake up and smile to myself regarding this coincidence. I am still waiting for episode three, to know about my composition marks..

And from my childhood i had various dreams all leading to the climax of a snake waiting to bite me near my feet. So many times I have had this dream, and it always ended abruptly, with tension hanging on the air. Until today I never saw its end, whether the snake bit me or not. But I have always felt physically and emotionally how i encountered the situation. Sometimes i would be feared to death, standing still. Sometimes I would be very calm, saying "Lord Rama" since I read somewhere if you manage to say God's name during your last breath, you will go to heaven. Now I dont know how true this statement is. But it gives a satisfaction to do like this. and iam glad to have this opportunity in my dream atleast. weird rite, to dream about a snake waiting near your feet. I am kind of still waiting to see its climax