Monday, July 03, 2017

Youtube Free month July 2017

Inspired from Notification free challenge by Steve Pavlina I decided to do a Youtube Free challenge from July 4th to July 31st 2017. Wish me luck. Here it goes.

Logging the experience in tumblr at

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Log for hours that I work.

This is a repetition of the tactic I follow to tone my thought on my work hours. I am following the "break your pattern" suggestion from and would like to announce in the public platform about my work hours so that I can stay committed to my statement on the international blog. I normally tend to be crudely truthful about my logs and promise that I will not adjust the entries. What about the work quality you say? I will take care of that in another way. This blog only focuses on my work log. So I give all of you permission to question me if I go sub par on the work hours. Thanks in advance.

Goal: Work hours for atleast 8 hours a day. Anything beyond that is added bonus. I will be increasing the minimum threshhold in some time.

Jan 3 Tuesday - 8 hrs
Jan 4 Wed - 8 hrs
Jan 5 Thu - 8 hrs
Jan 6 Fri - 8 hr
Jan 9 Mon - 8hr.
jan 10 Tue:  - 8 hr
Jan 11: - 8 hr
jan 12 - 8 hours
jan 13 - goal 9 hours. 9 hr
jan 14 sat
jan 15 sun
jan 16 goal 10 hours. 7 hours
jan 17th goal 8.5 hours. actual 9 hours
jan 18th goal 8.5 hrs. actual: 8 hrs
jan 19th goal 8.5 hrs. actual: 8hr
jan 20 goal 8.5 hours: actual: 8
jan 21
jan 22 sun
jan 23 mon goal 8.5 hrs: actual: 8.5
jan 24 goal: 9 hrs: actual: 8
jan 25 goal : 9 hrs: actual: 9 hr
jan 26 goal : 8 . actual 8
jan 27 goal: 9 actual: 8.5
jan 28 s
jan 29 s
jan 30 m. goal: 9 actual: 8
jan 31 goal: 9. actual 8
Feb 1 goal: 9. actual 8
Feb 2 goal 9: actual 9
Feb 3 goal 9: actual 8
Feb 6 goal 9: actual 8
Feb 7: actual :10
FEb 8: actual: 8
feb 9: actual: 8.5
feb 10: actual 8
feb 13 mon: actual 8
feb 14: actual 9
Feb15: actual: 8
feb 16: actual: 8
feb 17: actual : 8
feb 20: actual 8
feb 21 actual: 8
feb 22 actual: 8
feb 23 actual: 8
feb 24 fri actual: 8
feb 27 mon actual: 11
feb 28 tue goal: 9 actual: 9
mar 1 wed goal: 9 actual : 8
mar 2 th goal: 9 actual 9
mar3 goal: 10 actual 8.5
mar 6 mon. goal 10: actual:8
mar 7 tue goal 10: actual 8
mar 8 wed actual 8
mar 9 th actual 8
mar 10 actual 8
mar 13 mon: 9
mar 14 goal: 9 actual: 8
mar 15 actual: 8
mar 16 actual: 8
mar 17: sick leave
mar 20 - 8
mar 21 - 8
mar 22 - 8
mar 23 - 8
mar 24 f - 9
mar 27 - mon - 9 
mar 28 - 8
mar 29 wed - 9
mar 30 - 9
mar 31 - 9
april 3 - 11.5 
april 4 - 8
april 5 - 8
april 6 - 8
april 7 - 8 
april 10 mon - 8
april 11 - 8.5
april 12 - 8.5
april 13 - 8.5
april 14- pto
april 17 - pto
april 18 - 8hrs.
april 19 - 8.5
april 20 - 8
21 - 9
24 - 8.5
25 - 9
26 - 9
1 - 8.5
2- 8
3 - 
4 - 8.5
5 - 8
8 - 8
9 - 8
10- 8
11- 8
12 - 8
15 - 8
16 - 9
17 - 8
18 - 8
18 - 8.5
19 - 8
M 22 - 8
23 - 8
24 - 9
25 - 8
26 - 9
27 - 9
28 - 9
29 - 9
30 - 9
31 - 9
1 - 12
2 - 9
5 - 9
6 - 8
7 - 9
8 - 8
9 - 8
12 - 8
13 - 8
14 - 9
15 - 8
16 - 9
19 - 9
20 -  8

21 - 9
22 - 8
23 - 0
26 - 8
27 - 8
28 - 8
29 - 8
30 - 8
3 - 8

Increasing my personal threshold to 10 hours a day
4 - 8
5 - 10
6 - 10
7 - 8
10 - 8
11 - 8
12 - sick leave
13 - sick leave
14 - half day sick
14 - 4
17 - 8.5
18 - 10
19 - 10
20 - 10
21 - 8
24 - 8
25 - 8.5
26 - 8
27 - 8
28 - 8
31 - 8
aug 2017
1 - 8
 2 - 8
3 - 10
4 - 8
7 - 9
8 - 9
9 - 9
10 - 9
11 - 4
12,13 sat sun
14 - 8
15 - 8
16 - 8
17 - 9
18 - 9
21 - 9.5 hours
22 - 8.5
23 - 8.5
24 - 10.5
25 - 8
28 - 8.5
29 - 8
30 - 8.5
31 - 8
SEP 2017
1 - 8
4 - 8
5 - 8
6 - 8
7 - 8
8 - 8

11 -9
12 - 8.5
13 - 8.5
14 - 9.5
15 - 8

18 - 8
19 - 8
20 -

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Woman's Day 2016 - Thats what a woman wants and does: Celebrating myself.

There was this story I read long time back, for which I am not able to find the source to cite here. Here is how it goes, from my memory.

Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to know the correct answer to an intriguing question "What does a woman want?". He sent his soldiers far and wide in search of the answer, but in vain. Finally he sent his trusted adviser in search of the answer. That adviser, roamed mountains and deep forests until he stumbled upon a witch's hut. He posed the question to her as last resort. Without blinking the ugly witch replied, "Yes Ofcourse!. I can tell the answer, but on condition that you must marry me". The adviser was caught between his loyalty to the King, and his personal taste, for you see, she was ineffably ugly. After much contemplation he agreed to marry her, and took the answer to his King.

Here is the answer: "A woman wants to do what she decides to do". Simple sentence yet acutely profound. An answer that flashes before my eyes every time someone talks about feminism. A woman (or man for that matter) should have the breathing space to decide on her own and take action, for she being the kind, strong, compassionate person that she is biologically wired to be, would end up taking the right decisions for the betterment of human race. I am being practical here and going to mention that there could be some exceptions. But lets' focus on the majority here.

The story does not end there. The adviser, being true to his words, came back to marry the scarred, humped, ugly witch. The witch got excited and added a flexibility clause to the condition. She asked him, "Do you want a fair beautiful maiden during day time and my witch self during night, or the other way around being: witch self during day time, and ravishing maiden during the night, for I have the power to do so for half the day ?".

The adviser again was in a dilemma. He can have a spectacular wife to attend parties and functions, or he could have a divine beauty to rest his head upon.

Now, pause a little and answer me this. Imagine you are that wise witch and tell me which one would you want your prince charming to chose?

Think deeply before answering because this is going to be a decision of the lifetime.

If you are smart, you would want your prince to chose damsel during day light because you want him to be a gentleman and a protector, don't you?

But if you are smarter you would have guessed the correct answer.

Now coming back to the story, the advisor, remembered the answer that the witch gave, and the one that the King was extremely satisfied with. "A woman wants to do what she decides to do". So, he took the higher ground and replied "Its your wish that counts, my lady. Whatever you decide, I would oblige".

You guessed it right. The witch was pleased, and changed into enchanting princess permanently, for day light and night. For she was testing the charming advisor.

God only knows why she was testing, but we all do that from time to time.

But taking the essence of the story, it is true. I feel women want to do what she decides to do. I feel energized and full of action when I plan (with suggestions from others obviously) and execute for the betterment of my loved ones, and that by its innate nature becomes a celebration of my capabilities. Don't you do and feel the same?


This blog is an entry in the woman's day contest:

Friday, September 09, 2011

Teaching Tamil to a kid

Realization that, its now or never dawned on me when my nearly 4 year old son started speaking everything in English. I have to teach him his mother tongue language: Tamil. Dont get me wrong. I have nothing against English. It is a language that has supported my career and higher studies. But I feel my kid needs to know about my traditional native language.

He speaks few words here and there in Tamil. But recently few weeks back he started picking up lots of new English words, that made me realize that if I don't teach him conversational Tamil now, it might be difficult later on. Needless to say for those who have already tried this, its a big pain to make the kid speak in native language especially in a country where a different language is spoken by everyone else around you.

In school everyone speaks English, and he picks up lots of new words, phrases and sentences from his classmates and teachers. At home its only me and my husband who speak in Tami with him, and I feel like it is not going to be enough that we do casual chats in Tamil. My son understands Tamil because we have been speaking with him mostly in Tamil since the day he was born, so I am not worried about receptive skills. But expressive skill is what I am concerned about.

When approached with the question, lots of people told me " he would get it eventually" or "அதெல்லாம் நாள் ஆக ஆக வந்துடும் " but I did not see that happening. It might be true if he were in India where everyone around him would be speaking in Tamil. The more days went by, the more he began to respond in English to Tamil/English questions. Some might say, its not a big deal if he speaks in English, he is just still a kid. But I see it differently. If he is not taught how to speak his native tongue now, it would be very difficult for him later to get a hang on the pronunciation, and he might find English easier than his own native tongue.

Again nothing wrong with that, but he would be missing out on a great experience, and as his mother I don't wish him that. I want him to experience the joy of speaking and writing in Tamil and to have at least the basic understanding and knowledge of conversational and written Tamil now so that it would be easier for him to move on to higher levels of language later on, like reading a novel to start with.

 I feel as his mom, its my duty to make sure he learns and loves his own native language in addition to English and other languages. I would me more than happy if he proceeds to learn a new language like Spanish or French in the near future. I believe any kid can achieve great things with proper facilities and encouragement.

Here are some methods that I am following:

  • 06/07/2012 . Recently I am cutting pictures from  magazines and pasting it on an unruled note with tamil words of those nouns and verbs written for them. I am using this note to teach him tamil word recognition and picture association. My mother in law is also helping me out a lot in developing tamil interest in Sanjay. 
  • 06/07/2012 . Also one other way  I am using is to create a tamil book with his old drawing paper's untouched sides, hole puncher, thread to connect the holes to make a small tamil book. I am starting small by teaching him verbs  like  நடந்தது, சிரிக்கும், சிரித்தான், சிரித்தாள் etc. with stickers and pictures from magazines. 

  • I bought the foam sheets  , and cut up basic tamil letters (vowels and consonants) and pinned them to pin-in wall boards  in his room that he can look at everyday. We try to recognize and pronounce them at least once a day. 
  • Here you can find some interesting pages to take print outs: drafts of-course. I had a home printer but draft mode helped me take more print outs than normal black and white or color modes. Moreover for certain activities like tracing the letters, drafts are more than sufficient. They have flash cards, letters to trace and teach, etc. also has a list of all Tamil letters
  • I googl'ed images for tamil letters and took print outs.
  • Downloaded android apps for teaching tamil. 
  • Also I took his picture books that teach words like "My first words" or "My first animals" and wrote tamil words for each of them in pen/permanent marker after searching for them from I needed to get the spelling correct well because its a permanent marker and I am a little weak in spellings. Thank God for Spell Checkers huh?. Of course this method eliminates any ideas of reselling the books to Resale shops, but if my son eventually speaks in his native language, then I don't mind not being able to sell them at half price. 
  • This is a tami kids story site that I am yet to experiment:
  • I asked my mom to bring some kid tamil story books that I read to Sanjay in tamil words that he understands like Thenali kathaigal, birbal kathaigal, etc. 
  • I also write tamil letters and stick them to the wall using cellotape, Everytime we cross that area, I ask him to recognize te letter and trace it with his fingers. 
  • There are many worksheets and printables to download from 
  • Here is tamil nadu government's tamil book for schools :
Note: There are days where I would not be able to follow these method. There are days where I am so excited that I follow many based on time.

I am only in the beginning stages, and if you know of any other method to help kids learn tamil at home, please let me know. "கற்றது கை அளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு " : 

All tamil letters came from here:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Important life lessons wish I had learnt a lot earlier.

Not in any particular order,

1. One need not fill silence gaps during, before, or after a conversation. Sometimes silence is beautiful.
2. One  need not explain everything to everyone. I could control and filter what I say and to whom I say it.
3. Learning something new is beautiful experience. I wish I had focused more on the material than grades.
4. Friendship is like a glass jar. It needs to be handled very very carefully and you have to put your heart and lots of effort into maintaining a good one and not take it for granted. Same goes for any relationship.
5. Having a passion and hobby is very essential to living a purposeful life.
6. Living a purposeful life is very essential to human being
7. Focusing on accessories or makeup when getting ready, is not always directly proportional to decrease in work concentration at later part of the day. But then again, this applies for me, and I am not sure how it applies to others.
8. Parents are just trying to protect you, though it might seem like decisions make no sense at all.
9. Not all questions are direct. People do ask indirect questions/statements and expect you to understand
10. One has to pay very close attention to how they feel, in order to know what they want.
11. Thinking with mind and not with words would be of great help in the future corporate world. Especially when you are required to  make highly important decisions in a meeting.
12. Joining a negative person in their whining process is going to drown everyone else as well. They have lots of excuses to feel terrible and to  make others feel terrible. Do not join in. Occasional empathy  is fine between friends. But if that person is a constant energy vampire, one need not join in.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A novel without a Letter.

I am writing this blog after more than a year gap. I had lots of free time to work on the blogs when I was doing my Masters, but once I started working, I now hardly find any free time to do Me stuff. Well, anyways, I will try to write them up as and when I find time. Here is something interesting I read recently. This is a novel written by Ernest Vincent Wright. A story that was written entirely without a vowel. And that vowel is the most used vowel of all . E. If you dont believe me, read this. and the manuscript in that website. Its really amazing how such a seemingly impossible task was achieved. Like I am always constantly reminded. Nothing is impossible,if done with dedication and time and practice.

Monday, August 31, 2009

aadhavan - hasili lyrics

I love the beats of this song.

Cast: Surya, Nayanthara
Music: Harris Jayaraj

Anbe unnal manam freezing
ada da kaadhal endrum amazing
excuse me let me tell you something
Ne sirithaal Iphone tring tring
Ne vesum ambu yen mel paaya
Kaadhal vandhu yennai aala
varuvayo yennai kapaatra
vandhaal madi saaiven vazha

ulllalala lelele luma luma
ulllalala lelele luma luma
ulllalala lelema lema lema le

Hasile Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithuli

Yennakum unnakum ya idaivali
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii…………(

Anjanaaaaaaa anjanaaaaaaaaaaaah konjinaaal theyn thaaanaaaaaaaaaaaa….
yenkanaaa yenkanaaaaaaaaaaaaah endrume neethaanaaaaaaaaaa

Hasile Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithuli

Yennakum unnakum ya idaivali
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii……………

urasaamal alasaamal uyirodu oorudhu aasai
adhungamal idhungamal irundhaalthaan oindhidum osai
iru vizhiya avuganai unak edhudhaan eduinai
un idaiyo oosi munai udaynthudimo seru ennai

yen ennai theendinaai veppama
nan unnaku pookalin uppuma
virallil ullathey nutpama
nee konjam thinraai konji konraai

Hasile Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithuli

Yennakum unnakum ya idaivali
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii……………

Anbe unnal manam freezing
ada da kaadhal endrum amazing
excuse me let me tell you something
Ne sirithaal Iphone tring tring
Ne vesum ambu yen mel paaya
Kaadhal vandhu yennai aala
varuvayo yennai kapaatra
vandhaal madi saaiven vazha

uyirodu uyirodu ennai kolla nerunguhiraaye
viralodu viral serthu edhalukkul iranguhiraaye
yaaridhalil yaaridhalo verthuvidum vengulalo
uchimudhal paadham varai ethaniyo vithaigalo

ne aadai paadhiya paadhiye
ne puliyum maanum konda jaadhiya
un azhagin meedhithaan boomiya
ne muthappeya methai theeya

Hasile Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithuli

Yennakum unnakum ya idaivali
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii……………

Anjanaaaaaaa anjanaaaaaaaaaaaah konjinaaal theyn thaaanaaaaaaaaaaaa….
yenkanaaa yenkanaaaaaaaaaaaaah endrume neethaanaaaaaaaaaa….