Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to stay slim and healthy. Insipiration from Japanese diet

I recently read this article about Japanese diet on how Japanese people stay slim and healthy.

Here are some tips

1) eat small amounts of each food. Instead of large amount of the same food. Like, do not have pasta alone for dinner. Have small chunks of different variety of food.

2) stop eating when you are 80% full.

3) Japanese people use broth to flavour food, instead of heavy sauses.

4)Japanese eat rice, more than bread.

5)Japanese eat complete breakfast, their breakfast is similar to dinner.

6)Japanese have desserts in a small amount.

7)Japanese walk and bike a lot instead of driving.

8)Japanese eat fish, vegetables, rice, soy, noodles, tea, fruits.

9)Japanese bring beauty and harmoney to dinner table. They use pretty dish of different sizes for different purposes.

Most of these principles, are easy to follow,
if we could imagine a slim, beautiful us tomorrow and a healthy us day after tomorrow.