Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Woman's Day 2016 - Thats what a woman wants and does: Celebrating myself.

There was this story I read long time back, for which I am not able to find the source to cite here. Here is how it goes, from my memory.

Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to know the correct answer to an intriguing question "What does a woman want?". He sent his soldiers far and wide in search of the answer, but in vain. Finally he sent his trusted adviser in search of the answer. That adviser, roamed mountains and deep forests until he stumbled upon a witch's hut. He posed the question to her as last resort. Without blinking the ugly witch replied, "Yes Ofcourse!. I can tell the answer, but on condition that you must marry me". The adviser was caught between his loyalty to the King, and his personal taste, for you see, she was ineffably ugly. After much contemplation he agreed to marry her, and took the answer to his King.

Here is the answer: "A woman wants to do what she decides to do". Simple sentence yet acutely profound. An answer that flashes before my eyes every time someone talks about feminism. A woman (or man for that matter) should have the breathing space to decide on her own and take action, for she being the kind, strong, compassionate person that she is biologically wired to be, would end up taking the right decisions for the betterment of human race. I am being practical here and going to mention that there could be some exceptions. But lets' focus on the majority here.

The story does not end there. The adviser, being true to his words, came back to marry the scarred, humped, ugly witch. The witch got excited and added a flexibility clause to the condition. She asked him, "Do you want a fair beautiful maiden during day time and my witch self during night, or the other way around being: witch self during day time, and ravishing maiden during the night, for I have the power to do so for half the day ?".

The adviser again was in a dilemma. He can have a spectacular wife to attend parties and functions, or he could have a divine beauty to rest his head upon.

Now, pause a little and answer me this. Imagine you are that wise witch and tell me which one would you want your prince charming to chose?

Think deeply before answering because this is going to be a decision of the lifetime.

If you are smart, you would want your prince to chose damsel during day light because you want him to be a gentleman and a protector, don't you?

But if you are smarter you would have guessed the correct answer.

Now coming back to the story, the advisor, remembered the answer that the witch gave, and the one that the King was extremely satisfied with. "A woman wants to do what she decides to do". So, he took the higher ground and replied "Its your wish that counts, my lady. Whatever you decide, I would oblige".

You guessed it right. The witch was pleased, and changed into enchanting princess permanently, for day light and night. For she was testing the charming advisor.

God only knows why she was testing, but we all do that from time to time.

But taking the essence of the story, it is true. I feel women want to do what she decides to do. I feel energized and full of action when I plan (with suggestions from others obviously) and execute for the betterment of my loved ones, and that by its innate nature becomes a celebration of my capabilities. Don't you do and feel the same?


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