Friday, August 12, 2011

Important life lessons wish I had learnt a lot earlier.

Not in any particular order,

1. One need not fill silence gaps during, before, or after a conversation. Sometimes silence is beautiful.
2. One  need not explain everything to everyone. I could control and filter what I say and to whom I say it.
3. Learning something new is beautiful experience. I wish I had focused more on the material than grades.
4. Friendship is like a glass jar. It needs to be handled very very carefully and you have to put your heart and lots of effort into maintaining a good one and not take it for granted. Same goes for any relationship.
5. Having a passion and hobby is very essential to living a purposeful life.
6. Living a purposeful life is very essential to human being
7. Focusing on accessories or makeup when getting ready, is not always directly proportional to decrease in work concentration at later part of the day. But then again, this applies for me, and I am not sure how it applies to others.
8. Parents are just trying to protect you, though it might seem like decisions make no sense at all.
9. Not all questions are direct. People do ask indirect questions/statements and expect you to understand
10. One has to pay very close attention to how they feel, in order to know what they want.
11. Thinking with mind and not with words would be of great help in the future corporate world. Especially when you are required to  make highly important decisions in a meeting.
12. Joining a negative person in their whining process is going to drown everyone else as well. They have lots of excuses to feel terrible and to  make others feel terrible. Do not join in. Occasional empathy  is fine between friends. But if that person is a constant energy vampire, one need not join in.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A novel without a Letter.

I am writing this blog after more than a year gap. I had lots of free time to work on the blogs when I was doing my Masters, but once I started working, I now hardly find any free time to do Me stuff. Well, anyways, I will try to write them up as and when I find time. Here is something interesting I read recently. This is a novel written by Ernest Vincent Wright. A story that was written entirely without a vowel. And that vowel is the most used vowel of all . E. If you dont believe me, read this. and the manuscript in that website. Its really amazing how such a seemingly impossible task was achieved. Like I am always constantly reminded. Nothing is impossible,if done with dedication and time and practice.